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Our ancestors many centuries used natural wood for building homes. Easy to process, durable, retains heat by wood and still is a favorite building material for a country house, cottage or villa. Natural wood is unpretentious and inexpensive building material that has many advantages. The construction of a country house made of wood - the cheapest and fastest way of building. Wooden houses on the materials used and the design can be divided into three main groups - Log houses from a log home of laminated veneer lumber and timber frame houses. The cheapest way of construction of the house is the use of logs hand-cutting, such houses are called srubs (from the word hack). This technology uses a different beam diameter adjustment process and which goes directly into the process of building the house. Under construction used hand tools and small appliances. Construction of the house may take quite a long time, including in the desired shrinkage and shrinkage of the frame home. This method of construction of a wooden house is indispensable in the case of a large distance from the woodworking industries, lack of communication and good access roads. Currently, to build a house, villa or cottage generally use round logs machining, after the pre-drying and calibration (of a certain diameter). This method of construction is more expensive conventional log, but can significantly accelerate the process of construction and quality of the finished structure.
Construction of houses of laminated veneer lumber - the most time-consuming and expensive way to build housing, but - the highest quality. Glued laminated timber allows to realize the most complex construction projects. House of laminated veneer lumber does not require additional interior finishes and have the longest life span. Walls of the house can withstand large temperature changes and humidity, are reliable when used in areas of seismic instability (in the northern regions of the country and on the islands). Frame house - it is building a house out of a special wood board - OSB (OSB). The most popular in the southern regions of the country, as well as for the construction of farm buildings and structures. In many countries, this method of construction is the cheapest and fastest. Mesh domostoenie used in countries where there is not enough scaffolding. Prefab homes are manufactured only in standard designs, changes to which are sometimes impossible. Preparations of these houses are made as standard on special woodworking industry, which allows for the lowest prices on a building material and the final product. Assembling the frame house takes a few days, which also affects the final cost towards cheaper.

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